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About Us

Breffor Group is a forward looking and innovative company  with operations in artificial intelligence, Analytics, Travel and media sectors

Breffor Analytics transforms data into actionable insights and foresight, allowing ambitious and competitive businesses to anticipate the future, be more innovative in their customer engagement and drive meaningful business change.  It’s about us partnering with you to utilise  data science and artificial intelligence to strategic roadmaps and leveraging them so you optimise your decision-making and improve your business outcomes.

For us, it’s more than that. We use an agile approach so that we’re constantly optimizing the results we help you to achieve in a fast-moving world. We adopt a truly personalised approach, building long-term relationships through consistency of personnel, so the team you like at a successful pitch, will work with you for execution and going forward.

Breffor’s approach is also a bit different because we are completely neutral to the data source and agnostic to the systems you use. We’re neither trying to sell you software nor are we a digital agency trying to mark our own homework. Whatever you’ve got, we’ll help you get the most out of it and if you need new tech, we’ll give you independent and expert advice on what would work best for you.

How we work is simple, whether it’s a long-term project or a specific problem we’re helping you solve. We link requirements to strategy, use data science to drive understanding, and leverage great technology to power your business. We don’t like creating stuff to sit on a shelf – we work hard to get the operating model for analytics right so that great reports are used as a catalyst for change to achieve unique outcomes.